Based on the original artwork "COSMIC DANCE" by LIN UTZON

Collectors item / only 50 pieces per print available worldwide.

Original signed Certificate of Authenticity included with every piece!

The 4th Sittingsuits Artist Edition, made in collaboration with world renowned artist Lin Utzon, marks a significant milestone for Sittingsuits and our artist collaborations concept.

Lin Utzon is a Danish artist known for her porcelain, abstract ceramic murals and sculptures. Utzon has had numerous solo exhibitions and her works have been featured in galleries and museums around the world - her career has been marked by a number of notable achievements, including being invited to exhibit Cosmic Dance in Venice in 2016, by invitation from Fondazione Cini. Utzon's creations have also included costumes and scenery for the Royal Danish Ballet.

The Sittingsuits X Lin Utzon collaboration is an addition to her long term project Cosmic Dance:

"Central to the artist’s contemporary practice is the Cosmic Dance series (1996-2016) a group of paintings, works on paper and sculptures that express the essence of nature as a cosmic dance. In these pieces, the artist captures the sense of mystery within nature, achieving a balance between the refined rigour of monochromatic line, an architectural sensibility and the movement of the natural world, the constant dance of transformation within life expressed in paint and clay."

Quote by Rosa JH Berland /

A preview of the collaboration was revealed in October 2022, in connection with the launch of Lin Utzons Cosmic Dance statues on Ophelia Plads in the Copenhagen Harbour – performed spectacularly by dancers from The Royal Danish Ballet.

The collaboration launches officially in February 2023, in a limited number of 50 pcs per print.

The 4th Sittingsuits Artist Edition featuring lin Utzon, brings together the brand's expertise in design and innovation with Utzon's distinctive artistic style. The collection is sure to be a standout addition to the Sittingsuits line and a must-have for collectors and art enthusiasts alike.

Video credits: Hannibal Herman /

To view more work by LIN UTZON visit or her Instagram at @linutzon


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